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We are working for our clients and our clients only.

There are no outside incentives or commission-based targets we must achieve. Our advice is what we feel is best for the customer.

This independence guarantees you are getting the best, most unbiased insight in the industry.

Individualized Services


Whether you’re a commercial elevator, ag retailer or involved in agriculture from the outside looking in, the Consus team is here to provide you insight and connect you to the farmer and the industry of agriculture as a whole.


Stop speculating when it comes to your farm’s profitability. Working with a Consus Network Marketing Consultant brings an experienced merchandiser to your farm.


Bring the 2020 International CCA of the year, with a proven track record of success, on to your farm.


Meet the Team

Boyd Brooks

Boyd Brooks

I grew up on a farm in Central Kentucky, getting my degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Kentucky in 2003. I started my career as a cross country merchandiser covered the Southeast truck market as well as the Midwestern rail markets. In 2012 I transitioned into more of an advisory role, continuing working with growers as a cash grain broker and hedger. I enjoy helping producers maximize revenue through timely sales and sharing an in-depth understanding of basis and what impacts the cash market.

Angie Setzer

Angie Setzer

I grew up on a potato farm in Central Michigan. Unlike most I did not go to school to be in agriculture. I got lucky when it came to my big break, getting the opportunity to learn the business from a cash grain merchandiser. I took the position of Vice President of Grain for Citizens Elevator in 2011, where I managed 5 elevator locations and built a state-of-the-art direct ship program. My passion is helping growers understand how folks make decisions at the elevator level and how that knowledge can be used to benefit them on the farm.

Adam Kramer

Adam Kramer

I attended Iowa State University, graduating in May 2005. I have been a Certified Crop Advisor since 2006. Our home area is in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, and we serve clients throughout the Midwest. The focus of our work has been the responsibility of stewardship in those touching our land the most. We use a systems approach while assessing practices to achieve successful outcomes, augmenting ROI for our clients while ensuring clean water and adequate nutrition for generations yet to come.

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